Tobias Winter is a german actor, born 26.07.1969.

He made his way to the movieworld a couple of years ago, when he was casted by film-director David Gordon Green for a movie called "You highness" (Universal Pictures) filmed in Irland in 2011. After that successful movie, roles came rolling in...


2012 ‘The Fall’ (BBC)

Role: Rossmeisl

Episode 2: ‘The Vast Abyss’. Director Jacob Verbruggen

Episode 3: ‘Insolence and Wine’. Director Jacob Verbruggen


2011 - 2012 ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO)

Role: ‘Timmett son of Timmett, ruler of the Burned Men’

Season 1

Episode 8: ‘Pointy End’. Director Daniel Minahan

Episode 9:  ‘Baelor’. Director Alan Taylor

Season 2

Episode 3: ‘What is Dead May Never Die’. Director Alik Sakharov

2011 'Your Highness'. (Universal Pictures)

Role:  ‘Timotay the Dungeon Master’. Director David Gordon Green Director Jacob Verbruggen